My City's Still Breathing

Keynote Speakers

Nov 4, 2010
Jon Hawkes
Cultural Policy Analyst
Melbourne, Australia
Making sense together
Nov 4, 2010
Simon Evans
Director and founder of Creative Clusters Ltd.
United Kingdom
The Creative Economy – Hope or Hype?
Nov 5, 2010
Mark Kingwell, introduction by Catherine Hunter
Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
The City as a Work of Art
Poet and novelist
Winnipeg, MB
Introductory Remarks: Making Art in Winnipeg
Nov 6, 2010
Larry Beasley
CM, BA, MA, FCIP, Urban Planner
Vancouver, Canada
Love as the prime force in the economy of cities: an urban competition and sustainability framework for civic arts and culture
Nov 7, 2010
Eric Fischl in conversation with Robert Enright
Eric Fischl — Artist/Writer
New York, NY
Robert Enright — Art Critic and Writer
Winnipeg, MB
The Artist in the Postmodern World


Cultural Cities

Alan Freeman
Cultural Economist, Greater London Authority
London, UK
City, know thyself: the Cultural Audit and strategic planning

Mark J. Stern
Professor of Social Welfare and History and Co-Director of the Urban Studies Program, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA
The Ecology of Culture

Will Straw
Professor in the Department of Art History and Communications Studies, McGill University
Montreal, Canada
Cities of the Night, Cultures of the Night

City With ART

Leah Decter
Winnipeg, MB
City WITH ART Moderator

Dyan Marie
Interdisciplinary Artist
Toronto, Canada
Walk Here

Gus Rogerson
Artistic Director, The 52nd Street Project
New York, USA
The 52nd Street Project: Better Than Baseball

Tricia Wasney
Public Art Manager, Winnipeg Arts Council
Winnipeg, MB
WITH ART: The Evolution of Collaboration

City as Generator

Immony Men and Maegan Broadhurst
Montreal, Canada
Can you hear the city whispering?

Sharon B. Moore
Toronto, Canada
Humanity on Display

Katherena Vermette
Winnipeg, MB
selkirk avenue

Lasting Impressions: Ephemeral Artworks in the City

Milena Placentile
Winnipeg, MB
Lasting Impressions Moderator

Cheryl L'Hirondelle
Interdisciplinary Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Curator
Vancouver, Canada
Nikamon ohci askiy : songs because of the land

Lize Mogel
Interdisciplinary Artist
New York, USA
Counter-cartography and the City

Graham van Wyk
Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK
Imagination and Transformation: Ephemeral Art in Cities

Art in Discounted Spaces

Winnipeg, MB
Art in Discounted Spaces Moderator

Nils Norman
London, UK
From bomb site to boutique: the playground and its journey from anarchy to economic development tool

Lee Rodney
Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture, University of Windsor
Windsor, Canada
Art and the Post-Urban Condition

Michael Neelak Van Rooy
Author, Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada Arts Ambassador (Literary)
Winnipeg, MB
Crime Fiction as a Tarnished Mirror . . .

City Dep(ART)ment

Jody Baltessen
City Archivist/Records Manager, City of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB
Souvenirs: An Artist-in-Residence at the City of Winnipeg Archives - Archivist

Paula Kelly
Winnipeg, MB
Souvenirs: An Artist-in-Residence at the City of Winnipeg Archives

Barbara Koenen
Artist/Cultural Planner, City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
Chicago, USA
Inhale / Exhale ... A City that Works

Matthew Lennon
Director of Civic Art, Houston Arts Alliance
Houston, USA
Civic Design Programming: a work in progress.

Skywalks and Suburbia

Donald Clinton
Heart Surgery for Cincinnati
New York, NY
AIA, MRAIC; Partner, Cooper, Robertson & Partners - Architecture, Urban Design

Jon Paul Fiorentino
Montreal, Canada

Janine Marchessault
Canada Research Chair in Art, Digital Media and Globalization at York University
Toronto, Canada
Mourning Suburbs: Art and Development

Performing the City

Phillipe Mailhot (with Christine Fellows)
Director Le Musee de Saint Boniface
Winnipeg, MB
Finding the "Muse" in a Museum

Christine Fellows (with Phillipe Mailhot)
Winnipeg, MB
Finding the "Muse" in a Museum

Jim Lasko
Core Artist, Redmoon Theater
Chicago, USA
Why Urban Spectacle is as Urgent as it is Cool

Debbie Patterson
Playwright/Director/Actor, Winnipeg Cultural Capital Arts Ambassador (Theatre)
Winnipeg, MB
Stories of Sargent and Victor

Uncovering the City

Carolyn Gray
Theatre Artist
Winnipeg, MB
Going Underground

Robert Houle
Artist, Curator, Writer, Educator and Cultural Theorist
Toronto, Canada
Anishnabe in the City

Tricia Logan
Researcher, Research Content and Scholarship, Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Winnipeg, MB
Shared Territory

What is culture, and can we plan for it?

Jennifer Keesmaat
Toronto, Canada
What is culture, and can we plan for it?