My City's Still Breathing

Simon Evans

The Creative Economy – Hope or Hype?

We are living through an age of revolution, in which technology and demographics are creating a perfect storm of change that is impacting all aspects of human society. One consequence is that a new understanding of creativity is emerging: in education, in social policy, in economic development, in governance. This is bringing great opportunities and great challenges to everyone involved in both cultural and economic development.

In response, new policy concepts such as ‘creative industries’ and the ‘creative economy’ have been coined. These ideas have been a part of the policy language in the U.K. for more than a decade, and are being adopted, with many variations, all over the world. But some commentators are now questioning the usefulness of 'creativity' in the new, harsher, economic landscape that is opening out before us.

Simon Evans offers local perspectives on this global story. What exactly is a ‘creative economy,’ at a city or regional level? Was this approach to economic development part of the bubble, or will it be part of the recovery? What are the practical consequences for policy-makers, for business people and for artists?

Simon Evans presents at My City's Still Breathing

Photo by Leif Norman

Simon Evans Director and founder of Creative Clusters Ltd.
United Kingdom
The Creative Economy – Hope or Hype? Biography

Simon Evans

Simon Evans is Director and founder of Creative Clusters Ltd.


Creative Clusters provides a network, conferences and other events that explore and advocate the role of cultural industries in economic development and regeneration. Creative Cluster’s mission is to help people engaged in the development of the creative economy to showcase their work, learn from each other, identify and articulate policy issues and connect to development resources.


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