WCCC 2010 Major Public Art Project

Location, details and call-to-artists announced!

The WCCC 2010 Major Public Art Project will be located in the Millennium Library Park and is being funded by the Cultural Capitals program and the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Public Art program. With a total budget of $575,000, this will be the largest public art project in Winnipeg to date. The call-to-artists will be sent out both nationally and internationally, and artists will be chosen by a five-person Selection Committee.

Once selected and installed, the piece will be a permanent, contemporary artwork using elements of water and light. Whichever artist or artists are chosen will have to take the unique climate of Winnipeg into account, and ensure the artwork will also have a winter presence.

The Millennium Library Park was chosen because of its centrality and high traffic.  The location of the project is in line with our theme of ARTS FOR ALL. The artwork will be a legacy project, a permanent record of the commitment to art in the City of Winnipeg.


Download the layout for the park and where the new public artwork will be located here (pdf)

Find the call-to-artists here: Call-to-Artists


About the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 Major Public Art Project and Winnipeg’s Public Art Program:

-    A call to local, national and international artists will be made to find the right person or persons

-    Artists will be chosen by a five-person Selection Committee that will include the project Landscape Architect, a City of Winnipeg staff member, a public art administrator, and two artists

-    The WCCC 2010 Public Artwork will be located in the Learning Commons Zone, along the inside face of the lowered Donald Street exit ramp wall

-    The WCCC 2010 Public Artwork will incorporate water and light; it will have a winter presence as well as operate as a water feature in more temperate months

-    The Millennium Park is currently undergoing a major renovation spearheaded by the Winnipeg Library Foundation and funded by the municipal, provincial and federal governments of Canada.  The park design was developed by Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram Landscape Architects and Planners, Crozier Kilgour & Partners Ltd Structural Engineers, and SMS Engineering Mechanical & Electrical Engineers

-    The Millennium Library Park location will be in walking distance of other major tourist and downtown attractions including The Forks National Historic Site; MTS Centre; Portage and Main; Broadway Avenue and the Manitoba Legislature Building; The Winnipeg Art Gallery; the historic Exchange District; and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

-    Two other major Public Art Projects are located nearby at the Millennium Library; Untitled by Cliff Eyland and The Illumination by Nicholas Wade

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