Tricia Logan

Tricia Logan

Tricia Logan

Winnipeg, MB

Presenting as part of the session: Uncovering the City - Saturday, November 6 at 1:00 pm

Tricia Logan recently joined the team at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in the department of Research, Content and Scholarship as a Researcher.  A focus of Tricia’s research at the museum is Indigenous peoples and Indigenous rights.  In addition Tricia is continuing her work on her PhD in Human Rights and Genocide studies at Kingston University. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Tricia completed her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts with the department of Native Studies. She has spent the past decade conducting research with Métis communities and survivors of residential schools in Canada.  In the past, Tricia has also worked with the research departments at the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and the National Aboriginal Health Organization.


Description of Tricia Logan's talk:

Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Shared Territory

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is emerging as part of Winnipeg’s landscape and skyline.  The museum is built upon shared territory that represents the criss-crossing of a number of Aboriginal peoples who have utilized the fork of the Red and Assiniboine rivers to meet for centuries.  Winnipeg is also home to the criss-crossing of seemingly countless peoples and cultures.  It is a city rich with stories of rights both won and lost.  The way Winnipeggers, Manitobans and Canadians assert and live their human rights is often quite remarkable.  The land and the community that the museum will share is inherently part of the museum itself.  The museum will undoubtedly encompass the unique and diverse aspects of both the territory and the peoples of this territory.


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