The 2011 Zara Nelsova Memorial Award for Canadian Cellists


FINALISTS for the Zara Nelsova Memorial Award for Canadian Cellists:
Christian Elliott (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Karen Ouzounian (Toronto, Canada)
Se Doo Park

The winner will be announced in June 2011.

About The 2011 Zara Nelsova Memorial Award for Canadian Cellists

Zara Nelsova was a Winnipeg born cellist who was critically reknowned throughout her nearly seven-decade-long career.  Born in Winnipeg, Nelsova toured extensively and in 1966 she was the first North American cellist to play in the Soviet Union. The Festival is pleased to be honouring her memory by creating this award. In addition to financial awards, the winner will be offered a professional debut recital in the Winnipeg Virtuosi Series 2012-13 season and in the 2012 Music and Beyond Festival.

The Zara Nelsova Memorial Award will be presented to an emerging artist as they transition from being a student of the instrument to a professional cellist. The finalists will receive assistance to travel to the festival and will perform in the finalists’ concert. The winner will receive a solo performance on the final day of the festival and a performance fee.

Applications are invited from cellists, between the ages of 22 and 32 with Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant Status in Canada.

Application Process
1. Applicants must send the application form, completed in English or French, to the International Cello Festival of Canada, together with:

- Proof of date of birth, and Citizenship or Landed Immigrant Status
- A DVD of 30 minutes of music for solo cello, cello and piano or cello and orchestra recorded after January 1st
- Up-to-date biography, resume or CV, 2006
- Two letters of recommendation

2. Applications, together with all required supporting documents must be submitted after October 1, 2010 and must be postmarked no later than December 1st, 2010.

3. All submitted items must clearly show the applicant’s name.

4. Choice of repertoire, both for the DVD and for the Finals, is left to the applicants - applicants are encouraged to present their playing to best effect.

Selection Process
5. The DVDs will be adjudicated by a panel of three nationally renowned cellists and jurors.

Finalists and Award Finals
6. Three finalists will be selected and invited, in February 2011, to perform in the Zara Nelsova Memorial Award Finals on June 16th as part of the Cello Festival in Winnipeg. Two reserve finalists will also be selected. Each invited finalist will perform a maximum of 30 minutes of music, of solo or cello and piano repertoire.

7. A jury of three renowned cellists will select the winner of the Zara Nelsova Award after the Zara Nelsova Memorial Award Finals. The jurors will be:

- Desmond Hoebig of Rice University
- Yuri Hooker, Principal Cellist, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Practical Information

8. Accommodation in Winnipeg will be provided for the three finalists by the Festival.

9. $700CDN will be provided to each of the three finalists to help with their travel expenses to and from the Festival.

10. A pianist will also be provided, but finalists are welcome to bring their own pianist.

11. Rehearsal time will be provided.

12. Performance fees will be paid to each finalist: the winner will receive $1,500 and each runner-up will receive $750.

The Award
The winner will receive paid professional Debut Recitals in:

- the Virtuosi Concerts Recital Series in Winnipeg during the 2012-2013 season

- the 2012 Music and Beyond Festival in Ottawa

The winner will also perform a solo recital on the final day of the Festival.

Please download the application for the The 2011 Zara Nelsova Memorial Award for Canadian Cellists here. (.pdf or .doc)

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