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For Immediate Release: February 2, 2011

Sargent and Victor
A theatre piece in the voices of past and present residents

February 2, 2011 – Winnipeg – As part of her role as the Theatre Arts Ambassador for Winnipeg, Debbie Patterson is determined to give voice to the residents of one West End neighbourhood – literally.

Her new play, Sargent and Victor, is created from a series of first person accounts gathered through interviews she conducted with past and present residents of the iconic Winnipeg inter-section for which it is named. While Patterson, a well-known playwright and performer, collected and compiled the interviews, she kept the words as close to the original speeches as possible.

“I tried to catch every intonation right down to the ‘ums’ and the ‘you know’s,” says Patterson. “I really wanted the people’s voices to come through – to give them a chance to be heard in their own words.”

Drawn to the area by a fascination with how neighbourhoods evolve, Patterson has collected stories and created a theatrical mash up of voices. For decades, this little patch of our city has been a refuge for people fleeing conflict and strife, arriving from all over the world.

“How many tears can this tiny piece of land soak up before it becomes saturated?” asks Patterson.  “What happens when that flood of anguish overtakes us? This is what I wanted to explore.”

The piece was created as part of her legacy project as the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada Theatre Arts Ambassador. Two staged readings will give audiences a glimpse into this project at this early stage of development. Performances are free of charge.

Friday, February 11 at 7pm - St. Matthew’s Anglican Church (641 St. Matthew’s Avenue)
Sunday, February 13 at 7pm - First Lutheran Church (580 Victor Street)
Featuring: Joseph Aragon, Marsha Knight, Arne MacPherson and Laura Olafson

About Winnipeg’s Arts Ambassadors: As part of the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada ARTS FOR ALL program, five artists have been named Winnipeg’s Arts Ambassadors. Representing the fields of theatre, visual arts, music, dance, and literary arts, the Ambassadors will raise the status of their disciplines in the everyday consciousness of the public, and create a project in their discipline that will leave a legacy for the program. For more information please visit the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 website at

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