Paul-Anders Simma


Paul Anders Simma

Paul-Anders Simma is a Sámi filmmaker, who grew up in a nomad family. He was educated at the Swedish Film Institute and has worked in TV production since the mid-1980s. All his films have a close connection with Sámi culture. His breakthrough short film Let’s Dance! (1991) is a humorous story about a Sámi boy going to his first dance. Simma's feature films include The Minister of State (1997) and The Legacy of the Tundra (1995), which explores the psychological dimensions of reindeer herding Sámi. His documentary work includes the celebrated Give Us Our Skeletons! (1999) about Sámi activist Nils Somby and his quest for the repatriation of the human remains of Sámi ancestors.

Give Us Our Skeletons! (Antakaa Meille Luurankomme)
Length : 49 minutes
Courtesy the Finnish Film Foundation

Give Us Our Skeletons! (Antakaa Meille Luurankomme in Finnish, Oaivveskaldjut in North Sami) is a 1999 documentary film directed by Paul-Anders Simma about Niillas Somby, a Sami man who retraces his family ancestry as he searches for the head of his ancestor, Mons Somby.

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