Natasha Torres-Garner

Natasha Torre-Garner

Dance Ambassador - Natasha Torres-Garner

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As an accomplished Winnipeg dance performer, Natasha Torres-Garner worked with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers as a company dancer for 6 years and has performed in a number of projects as an independent dancer. Her independent experience has given her the opportunity to work with Montreal’s Fortier Danse Création, Bill Coleman (Toronto),in repertoire by the late Jean-Pierre Perreault (Montreal), as well as with Winnipeg's TRIP Dance Company.

Torres-Garner is also a founding member and the Organization Director of Young Lungs Dance Exchange, a Winnipeg-based community organization offering performance and choreographic opportunity to emerging dance artists. As the Organization Director, she is responsible, with the assistance of the board of directors, for the planning and dissemination of each season based on the needs and desires of the membership.

As a choreographer she has presented half- and full-length works locally and internationally. In 2007 she created Spay, which was performed at Winnipeg’s Rachel Browne Theatre and Regina’s New Dance Horizons. In 2008 Natasha created a full evening work in collaboration with shotAG of Dresden, Germany. The winter of 2009 allowed her the opportunity to work on her first  half-length solo performance,Real, which was performed at Winnipeg’s cre8ery in April, 2009. In the fall of 2009 she created a new half length work entitleda way in, performed by The Toronto Dance Theatre at Toronto's Winchester Theatre. Throughout Torres-Garner’s experience she has received mentorship from senior choreographers Rachel Browne, Davida Monk, Serge Bennetan, Karen Kuzak, and Tom Stroud.

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