NAfro Band

Casimiro Nhussi, NAfro Band

Photo: Rod Braun

NAfro Band

Casimiro Nhussi is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, and musician born in Mozambique, Africa. Starting his career as dancer, Casimiro became the principal dancer, and then the artistic director, of the Mozambique National Song and Dance Company. When he arrived in Canada in 1997, Nhussi formed his own dance company, NAfro Dance. The NAfro Band, whose music reflects influences that range from Manu Dibango and Fela Kuti to Ghanaian and Mozambican traditional rhythms, began as a group to accompany Nhussi’s choreography, but now performs on its own in and around Winnipeg.

Casimiro Nhussi:

My tribe is Makonde and I am a Makonde Waleyo or a “makonde of today”. The Makonde people live in Northern Mozambique and are well known for their wood sculptures, music and the Mapiko dance. The Makonde people before my generation used to have elaborate tattoos covering their bodies as well as teeth sharpened to a point and large upper lip piercing. Although these practices have been dropped, we carry on the traditions of dancing, singing, playing drums and carving.

I am an African Contemporary Music & Dance Creator. My music & dance works are inspired by Makonde people’s culture, African culture and the contemporary world of today. I use the knowledge from my own culture together with other African cultural traditions to inspire me and create my own music and dance vocabulary. I am a Makonde Waleyo. A Makonde of today.

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