MY CITY’S STILL BREATHING: Descriptions of talks and abstracts

Dyan Marie

Jim Agapito and Ervin Chartrand's Project:
Rap video Live from 95 and Documentary Life from 95

Art City
Guided tour of Art City: A Winnipeg Community Art Utopia

Larry Beasley's talk:
Love as the prime force in the economy of cities: an urban competition and sustainability framework for civic arts and culture
Donald Clinton's talk:
Heart Surgery for Cincinnati
Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan's Project
City Stories with the Winnipeg Tarot Company
Christine Fellows and & Philippe Mailhot's talk:
Finding the "Muse" in a Museum
A musical Residency at Le Musée de Saint Boniface Museum
Description of Jon Paul Fiorentinto's talk:
Eric Fischl in conversation with Robert Enright
The Artist in the Postmodern World

Alan Freeman's talk:
City, know thyself: the Cultural Audit and strategic planning

hannah_g's talk:
Panel: Art in Discounted Spaces – Looking at areas which are overlooked, forgotten or just plain ignored

Carolyn Gray’s talk:
Going Underground

John Hawkes' talk
Making sense together

Robert Houle's talk:

Catherine Hunter's talk:
Making Art in Winnipeg

Paula Kelly and Jody Baltessen's talk:

Serena Keshavjee
Modernist Architecture Bus Tour

Mark Kingwell's talk:
The City as a Work of Art

Barbara Koenen's talk:
Inhale / Exhale ... A City that Works

Jim Lasko's talk:
Why Urban Spectacle is as Urgent as it is Cool

Matthew Lennon's talk:
Civic Design Programming: a work in progress

Cheryl L'Hirondelle's talk:
Nikamon ohci askiy : songs because of the land

Tricia Logan's talk:
Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Shared Territory

Janine Marshessault's talk:
Mourning Suburbs: Art and Development

Dyan Marie's talk:
Walk Here

Immony Men and Maegan Broadhurst's talk:
Can you hear the city whispering?

Lize Mogel's talk:
Counter-cartography and the City

Sharon Moore's talk:
Humanity on Display

Nils Norman's talk:
From bomb site to boutique: the playground and its journey from anarchy to economic development tool

Debbie Patterson's talk:
Stories of Sargent and Victor

Dominique Rey's workshop:
Speed Bump – A Slow-City and Slow-Life Workshop

Lee Rodney’s talk:
Art and the Post-Urban Condition

Gus Rogerson's talk:
The 52nd Street Project: Better Than Baseball

Mark J. Stern
“Natural” cultural districts and urban cultural planning

Will Straw's talk:
Cities of the Night, Cultures of the Night

Natasha Torres-Garner's performance:
Transient Exposition

Natasha Torres-Garner
Transient Exposition

Michael Neelak Van Rooy's talk:
Crime Fiction as a Tarnished Mirror . . .

Graham van Wyk's talk:
Imagination and Transformation: Ephemeral Art in Cities

Katherena Vermette's talk:
selkirk avenue

Tricia Wasney's talk:
WITH ART: The Evolution of Collaboration


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