Maria Thereza Alves

Maria Thereza Alves, Still from Iracema, film,


Maria Thereza Alves

Maria Thereza Alves is a Brazilian artist living in Europe who researches social and cultural phenomena, working particularly with situations that question social circumstances. Her work examines what we think we know, who we think we are, and the realities of where and how we actually are at this time. Alves has recently exhibited in the Guangzhou Triennal, Manifesta in Trento, the Prague Biennal, the Athens Biennal and the Lyon Biennal where she received the Francophonie prize.

Iracema (de Questembert)
Length: 27 minutes
Courtesy the artist

In her docudrama Iracema (de Questembert), Maria Thereza Alves recounts the ambiguous story of Iracema, a young woman from the isolated Brazilian village of Corubime. Iracema makes the long journey from São Paulo to France, where she learns that she has just inherited her father’s estate. She is now the owner of a vast property which the local authorities would like to buy from her rather than see it in the hands of a "savage".

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Winnipeg Art Gallery


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