Jennifer Keesmaat

Jennifer Keesmat

Jennifer Keesmaat

Winnipeg, MB

Leading the Roundtable Session: What is culture, and can we plan for it?  - Sunday, November 7 @ noon

Jennifer Keesmaat, MES, MCIP, RPP is a founding partner of Office for Urbanism, and more recently, Dialog.  As an urban planner with a distinct interest in the political processes that shape cities, communities and places, Jennifer’s planning approach recognizes the strategic importance of consensus building to successful plan implementation. Jennifer manages complex and multidisciplinary projects, including large scale master planning, urban design, site planning, campus master planning, cultural planning, and policy development processes. All of her work is characterized by a commitment to the integration of a broad range of disciplines, and recently she has won CIP National Planning Awards of Excellence for The Halifax Regional Center Study; The Lethbridge Downtown Plan; The City of Iqaluit Core Area Redevelopment Plan; The North Central Legacy Study, and the Belleville Downtown Plan.  She continues to work on seminal master planning projects from coast to coast in Canada, and is particularly concerned with the intersection of design and planning as a means to creating beauty in urban environments. Jennifer recently published a chapter in Greg Baeker’s new book, Rediscovering the Wealth of Places, titled “Towards Cultural Urbanism.”  Here, she explores the relationship between cultural and place making, and advocates for the integration of cultural planning into municipal planning processes. Jennifer is currently working on culture plans for the Cities of Saskatoon, Peterborough and Winnipeg. 

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