Katherena Vermette

Katherena Vermette

Katherena Vermette

Winnipeg, MB

Presenting as a part of the session: City as Generator - Friday, November 5 at 1:30 pm

Katherena Vermette is a Metis writer of poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in several literary magazines and compilations, most recently, Home Place 3, Prairie Fire Magazine, and Heute Sin Wir Hier / We Are Here Today, a collection of Canadian Aboriginal writers, compiled and translated into German by Hartmut Lutz and students of Greifswald University.  A member of the Aboriginal Writers Collective, and current Blogger in Residence of thewriterscollective.org, Vermette lives, works and plays in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Katherena Vermette's talk:

selkirk avenue

girls walking up
selkirk avenue
heads down
bodies huddled
into themselves they are
a lone girl walking
but there are so
many of them squeezing
their arms around
too young chests tucked
into sweaters shaking
with winter as if
they could hide themselves in loose
clothing and not feel
the cold

girls standing on
selkirk avenue
eyes on the road
their bodies crying
like babies alone
but there are too
many of them pacing
a round circle way
too young bodies squeezed
into way too tight clothes
walking talking stereotype knows
no better than she’s breathing
out with her whole chest
puffed out like a bird as if
she’s beautiful as if
she’s proud

girl driving down
selkirk avenue
head up looking for
ward eyes on the road
not the world as if
she don’t look at it
it won’t be there
doors locked too
loud music drowning
the voices outside
like her windows
are only tv screens
and the girls on the street
are only a show

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