Flying Lion Dance

The Flying Lion Dance Troupe is Winnipeg’s newest, hard working lion dance team that aims to provide the best in lion dance culture and entertainment.

The troupe is a non-profit organization, first established in November of 2006 by six members varying in ages but all with one thing in common, the dedication towards lion dance and educating the community about the Chinese tradition. The team trains on a lion dance focused curriculum which results in their ability to bring you traditional floor routines, shows with props, and the modern competition style performance on poles ranging from 3 feet up to 9.5 feet.

The team’s mission is to:
-promote the traditions of traditional and modern Chinese lion dancing styles to the future generation
-contribute to the enrichment of multiculturalism in Manitoba
-provide an opportunity for youths to be involved in the preservation of their culture

The troupe’s accomplishments include placing third in the North American Lion Dance Festival 2007 as well as establishing connections within the Chinese community and major businesses around the city.

The majestic, colourful lions will magnify your atmosphere with the incredible sights, sounds, and fun that comes with a Flying Lions performance. No matter the occasion, be it Chinese New Year’s, a wedding, birthday, anniversary, grand opening, banquet, or any other joyous occasion we would love to help you celebrate!

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