Dyan Marie

Dyan Marie

Dyan Marie

Toronto, ON

Presenting as a part of the session: City WithART - Friday, November 5 at 1:30 pm

Toronto based artist Dyan Marie, AOCAD, MFA is the founder of Cold City Gallery, ARTATWORK, DIG IN and Bloor Magazine. She also co-founded C Magazine, Urban Surface, BIG ,and a number of community and art festivals. She is the director of her project space, Dupont / Dyan Marie Projects, a board member of Toronto’s Art for Public Places Committee, Centennial College Academic Advisory Committee and is the Bloordale BIA creative director. Urban leadership awards include: Canadian Urban Institute’s City Soul, Government of Canada’s Community Builders Award, the Ontario Provincial Government Good Citizen Award and the City of Toronto Clean and Beautiful Award.


Description of Dyan Marie's talk:

Walk Here

Dyan Marie will discuss initiatives that foster walking as a mode of engaging urban issues. Through specific examples, with accompanying images, she will detail several projects describing the conditions, processes and partnerships that were involved.

Look Out: Look Here; a community-based photographic activity and exhibition for the Dupont/Bloor West community to use as a way express its concerns over the local murder of ten-year-old Holly Jones. It encouraged residents walk to rediscover the vitality and goodwill in their neighborhood. 250 disposable cameras were distributed to Holly's classmates, friends and neighbours, together with a general invitation to the community to participate and used photography as a way of looking in a focused way at the Dupont/Bloor West. The exhibition gave the opportunity to choose a favorite image from the 1400 photographs that were made in the neighbourhood and to actively place it within the exhibition.

On the Corner: A project that invites viewers to stand on a corner and imagine that they are prostitutes as a way to open up and explore the issue of urban sex trade.

Walk Here is a concept to create an art-embedded walking system to help vitalize, green and connect neighbours and neighbourhoods. Various art projects and artworks were produced and inset into the walkway including primary students who contributed drawings that were laser cut in stainless steel, high school students helped transform refuse items into recycled-glass filled, cast elements and 16 professional artist contributed cast bronze reliefs. Additionally 100 international artists, from 40 countries donated tiles that were installed in a wall along the Walk Here path.

Vine People focus attention on troubled public space sites where help is needed. In a recent misadventure with poison ivy they broadcast, “Vine people are not terrorists”

“Experience Canada: Canadian Experience”, 19 banners on Toronto’s Bloor Street and 3 billboards at the rural Ontario’s Tree Museum make up an effort that explores the idea of immigration being fostered by the allure of the imagined Canadian landscape. Silhouettes of inner city shop owners, posed in front of their storefronts, are in filled with forest and lake landscapes. These city/forest – forest/city exchange images are installed as billboards in pastoral and forest settings at The Tree Museum and as banners along Bloor Street in Toronto.

Bloor Magazine a publication about Toronto’s inner city Bloor Street focused on art, small business and community.

A Mayor For Bloordale: an effort to have Mayoral candidates walk and discovered the Bloordale area of Bloor Street.

Partnerships, while sometimes contentious, are essential and have involved residents, businesses, artists, schools, services providers, politicians, community groups and others.

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