Art City

Art City

Winnipeg, MB

Guided tours available - Friday, November 5 at 2:00 pm

Art City is West Broadway’s community art studio dedicated to providing high-quality and free-of-charge art programming to those who need or wish to express themselves creatively. This guided tour will cover the history of the organization, what happens here day to day, and why the organization is an ongoing success.

Guided tour of Art City: A Winnipeg Community Art Utopia

- Art City is located in West Broadway, at the heart of Winnipeg’s core area in a culturally diverse neighbourhood that is overcoming a long history of youth gang activity and the social issues that chronically accompany high rates of poverty, unemployment, and systematic discrimination

- Art City is open to all, regardless of age or address. However the majority of Art City participants are West Broadway children between the ages of 6 and 13 years. Art City also engages many local youth, adult, and senior participants who would not otherwise be able to access arts programming. The Art City studio is a positive reflection of our community, including residents and artists of all cultural backgrounds and ages to participate together in collective art programming

- Art City is open nearly 300 days of the year and continues to attract regular and new participants to our many programs. We receive an average of 20-25 participant visits each evening. In 2009 this worked out to a total of 6430 visits from a base of over 1000 individuals. Art City also engages thousands of others through our off-site programming, special events, and exhibitions.

- Over thirty guest professional and community artists conduct workshops in their areas of expertise throughout the programming year. Guest artists are supported by a team of staff and volunteers to ensure that all of our programs offer a high level of one on one participant engagement. This setting allows for innovative programming and that goes beyond the boundaries of standard workshop and/or classroom structures.

- Every year Art City organizes and facilitates several community wide celebrations and art exhibitions. Giving participants a chance to share their imaginative achievements and bringing contemporary art concepts to a wider audience, these special events are always popular and well attended.

- Annually, Art City collaborates with over forty community groups and arts organizations to develop and provide our programming.

- Bridging both art and community development, Art City is connected to numerous networks. This includes people and organizations from fine arts, craft, urban planning, community development, design, social work, international studies, conflict resolution, academia, and education

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